Early days

Tim was born in London in the winter of 1965. His early life was a mixture of urban and country living, moving from the city of his birth to the comparative wilderness of East Anglia. Educated at Rugby School, he bagged a respectable amount of O and A-levels before enrolling at Liverpool John Moores University to study Business.  However, a year later Tim swapped student life for the Liverpool music scene and joined his first band in an attempt to assault the pop charts.

Life in the music biz

Tim changed bands at the same rate as he changed his hair colour and although an EP he recorded in 1985 was sandwiched between Madonna and Michael Jackson in the local HMV charts, national recognition proved elusive. Doubt crept in that maybe he wasn't destined for rock and roll's hall of fame so a dispirited Tim went off travelling to find himself.


The next few years saw him take on a number of jobs to make ends meet. He built a glass-bottomed boat in Israel, manufactured paint in Sweden and made porcelain crockery in Denmark. It was when living in Copenhagen, now in his late twenties, that he had a second bash at stardom. But after another couple of years of swinging his axe he came to the same conclusion as he had after his first attempt and packed his guitar away once more.

Time to grow up

In 1995, Tim knew it was finally time for him to grow up and he returned to the UK. He joined his brother in the family firm although it wasn't long before the siblings struck out and formed their own business which became quite successful. In 2001 he met Karen and immediately knew he had found the one. They married in 2003 and later that year they had their first child. Charlotte was followed by Amelia and after a pause to catch their breath they decided to go for a third. They thought a little boy might be a nice way to round things off but when Beatrice and Alice were born two minutes apart they realised they were going to need a bigger car.       


Tim sold his shares in the business in 2015 and has since discovered a passion for writing, penning his debut novel Deadly Illusions which is due for publication in March 2018. It is a pacy comedy thriller set in a science fiction background and has been described as a cross between Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. He is considering starting another band, but this one would be just for fun... or so he says.