In the early twentieth century magic societies sprang up around the world. Not by chance, but part of a plan. One that we are not supposed to know about until it is too late...

ZIGGY CALLOWAY’S life turns a corner when he is welcomed into the Magic Circle by examinations secretary, Michael Lafarge. He dreams of fame and fortune, and of getting together with Jennifer who works behind the reception desk.

But when he suspects there is more than coincidence to the uncanny resemblance between Lafarge and a renowned mind-reader from Edwardian times, he discovers the world of magic has a far more sinister purpose for its audience than just entertainment.

To prove it and stay alive long enough for any chance of romance to blossom, he must use all of his illusionist skills to expose Lafarge for what he truly is - not to mention save the world from a plot that threatens the existence of mankind itself.